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Protocol Boxed Set NOW AVAILABLE!

A must-have collector’s item, NOT available digitally — a deluxe, limited edition 6-CD box set to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Protocol, the powerhouse jazz-rock vehicle for the compositions of Modern Drummer Magazine’s #1 fusion player, Simon Phillips!

Includes each of the previous Protocol releases (I, II, III & IV), which have been re-mastered for better sound. PLUS, two full CDs of previously unreleased demo tracks — early versions of the same tunes that would later become Protocol’s finished material.

Phillips, himself, composed the liner notes of a brilliant 24-page booklet, providing deep insight into the genesis of the bands and how they transformed the tunes from the original concepts.

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Protocol 2019 Tour Dates!

Check out the tour page for upcoming Protocol and drum clinic dates!

Protocol 4 Grammy Nomination!

Protocol 4 was nominated for a Grammy! Protocol 4 is the latest CD from Simon Phillips' Protocol band.

The CD features Simon, Greg Howe (guitar), Dennis Hamm (keys), and Ernest Tibbs (bass). Packed with nine all-new tunes, Protocol 4 is clever and groovy with inspired performances on each track!

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Drum Fantasy Camp
Simon taught and performed at the 11th annual Drum Fantasy Camp! The camp took place August 4-8, 2017, at Vic's Drum Shop/The Music Garage and two concerts were held at Martyrs' music club. Simon performed with Jimmy Haslip (bass), Stu Mindeman (keys), Chrissi Poland (vocals) and Vinny Valentino (guitar). He then taught a small master class for four days at Vic's/The Music Garage. Will Calhoun, Steve Smith, Todd Sucherman also taught and performed.

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